Lucky Strikes – Prints and Story

Kim has formative memories include watching Bowling for Dollars in her family’s sunken den in 1970s suburban Ohio. Her parents were both on bowling leagues, so she spent some time hanging out in the alleys while her parents played. Her mom even made eight strikes in a row while pregnant with her! For Lucky Strikes, her third collection for Cotton + Steel fabrics, Kim drew on her bowling memories to create a fictional ladies’ league from that era. The collection features 18 quilting cottons, two cotton lawns, and two cotton-linen blend canvases. Read below for the story behind each print.

Lucky Strikes was released in July 2015 and is now out of print, however, you can still find it at some independent fabric stores. Some prints are still available to purchase wholesale. Visit the Cotton + Steel website or phone 1 (855) 355-7267 for more information.

*New*! Kim has created some custom iPhone cases and other fun products with some of her favorite prints from Lucky Strikes. Check them out in the Etsy shop.

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