Snap to Grid – Prints and Story

How about something a little different? Snap to Grid is a 1980s-inspired basics collection. 80s design has been enjoying a resurgence in the art and design worlds in recent years, but this is the first time it has been explored in the quilting world. “Snap to Grid” is a term used in design software, and I chose it because it evokes the magnetic attraction to geometric designs. This assortment of prints features lots of black and white, electric blue, and splashes of neon pink and neon yellow. The super happy prints are reminiscent of Esprit clothing, Swatch watches, and New Wave music and fashion, and is guaranteed to take any child of the 80s on a nostalgia trip!

The 21-piece quilting cotton group will be released in September 2017. Look for it in your favorite independent fabric shop. For wholesale information, visit the Cotton + Steel website or phone 1-855-355-7267.

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