Yours Truly – Prints and Inspiration

We all love to sew, and whether we sew for ourselves or for others, sewing is fundamentally an act of love. For “Yours Truly,” my sixth collection for Cotton + Steel Fabrics, I wanted people to be able to literally sew love into their creations. The selvedge includes an old rhyme “Loved you yesterday, loved you still; always have, always will,” which can be incorporated into quilt backs, garment tags, or anywhere you want to include a little love note.

In creating the collection, I started with feedsacks and dress prints from my vintage fabric collection that featured heart motifs. “Tanuki” features the raccoon-like creatures in awe over their first encounter with flowers as they bloom in the spring. There’s a bold strawberry print, quirky little bows, and the abstract, dizzy “Head Over Heels.” “Heartburst” adds a bit of zing with neon pink on unbleached cotton and gold on a navy ground.

The 18 SKUs form a compact and versatile group of quilting cottons that coordinate wonderfully with Cotton and Steel collections past and present. It was released in January 2017 and is still available wholesale — visit the Cotton + Steel website for more information.

*New*! Kim has created some custom iPhone cases and other fun products with some of her favorite prints from Yours Truly. Check them out in her Etsy shop.

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