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More Lucky Strikes Inspiration

This is the Spring Branch Bowling Club, halfway between Austin and San Antonio going “the back way” through the Hill Country. There are quite a few old small-town, nine-pin bowling clubs throughout Texas that remain gathering spots for the locals. Nine-pin lanes are not automated, so the pins are set and the balls are returned by hand, usually by local youth. I have also had the pleasure to visit the Blanco Bowling Club. Their cafe is very popular in the community and features classic American food alongside Tex-Mex plates. You pretty much have to go outside of Austin for original bowling alley action — sadly-but-understandably all of the alleys in Austin have been remodeled.

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Lucky Strikes Inspiration

Vintage bowling provides an endless supply of inspiration and (dangerously) stuff to collect. Here is just some of the ephemera I collected before and during working on Lucky Strikes. See lots more Lucky Strikes inspiration on my Pinterest board – including The Jesus.