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Ladies’ League

My Ladies’ League print, the hero print of Lucky Strikes, is actually a mashup of three different vintage prints. The original names print had groups of 5-7 names, but I rearranged them into teams of 4-5 players to fit the bowling theme. I took names from the original, but I only had a few little squares, so I had to make up the rest. Since I had decided that my fictional bowling league was in 1972, I drew from the Social Security Top Baby Names By Decade lists from the 1920s-50s, and also included some of my own relatives’ names and the C+S designers’ grandmothers’ names. These names have made a comeback so I’m delighted to hear when you or someone you love is on one of the teams. Here’s a list of all the names I included, for easy reference: Alice Anita Ann Arlene Barbara Betty Beverly Blanche Brenda […]